From seed of an idea to blooming in business

You started with a seed of an idea. The first few steps made sense and were not so hard. But at some point it started to become tricky. The more you learn about being in business, the more options appear. The more advice you receive, the more overwhelmed you become. It can be a confusing time and honestly, it's when a lot of people give up.

I help women get through this tricky phase.

We do this by figuring a few things out. First I get you to think about why you started your business and what you hope it will look like once it's 'done'.

It might not ever feel done since building a business is an evolving process so we establish milestones that you can aim for, tick off and feel good about. 

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Be true to yourself


Most people have big dreams but limited resources.  Even if you have a vision which involves offices and a team, most likely for now, it's just you.

A big mistake that newcomers to business make is thinking that they need to do everything and be everywhere. The most successful people in business are actually very selective about the platforms they operate on, the people they invest their energy in and the activities they undertake daily. 

Since you're in the driver's seat it's helpful to understand who you are and what makes you tick.

Our aim is to avoid working hard, only to later realise that the business feels all wrong.

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The money equation

In my experience, this is one of the areas that trips people up most often. How does your business make money? Have you chosen a realistic path to profitability?

Don't worry if you're in knots over this. It's a situation where an outside perspective makes it suddenly so clear. Everything falls into place after you crack this nut.

Read on to find out how we could work together to create this beautiful stress-free One of a Kind Life with your amazing business ideas. 


Create Your One of a Kind Life Workshop

The Create Your One of a Kind Life Workshop is part of my signature business mentoring program where I take women just like you through the stages of developing a beautiful business. The business becomes not only fun to run but it will be more fulfilling and meaningful in ways that matter to you. 

Most small businesses fail (as many as 80%) because of lack of management experience and poor decision-making. For women, I have identified the leading cause for failure as burnout. It's simply too hard to balance life, our responsibilities as women and trying to build a business, unless you have help.

That's where this workshop comes in. We'll work directly alongside each other to identify the critical areas in your business that need the most attention. We'll troubleshoot what's not working. You'll be given the permission that you need to stop doing the things that drain you. You'll only focus your limited time and attention on the things that have the highest impact. That will feel good.

This workshop is about working on your business rather than working in your business. You’ll be putting on your CEO hat for the day rather than your employee cap. As owner of your business it’s assumed that you know how to do the work involved in delivering your product or service to your customers - this is you working in your business. As CEO of your business you will be required to make global decisions about the vision and mission for your business as well as long-term and short-term plans. Think of me as your advisor, gently guiding you, supporting you and holding you accountable to the things you want to achieve.

* If there is no upcoming workshop date please book in for a private consultation, a CEO hour. This will be conducted online, at your convenience.

Workshop Dates:

The in-person workshop will next be on
October 7th, 2018
as part of the
Boss Girl’s Weekend in Handa, Aichi

Time: 11:00am to 4:00pm with optional dinner after

Cost: ¥20,000 includes workbook, lunch and a gorgeous location with fabulous people.

*You must get to Chita Handa Station by 10:00am, at your own expense. We’ll be driving to the seaside location together (max. 3 people).

Or, arrive at Aichi Airport by 10am and we can pick you up!