Jacqui accepted our invitation to speak on a panel at FEW Kansai on "Creating Work you Love." We're so glad she did! What came through clearly was Jacqui's passion for supporting and guiding women to create work they love. What I most appreciated was Jacqui's honesty about her own path as an entrepreneur. No sugar-coating, she shared the beauty and the dark bits, giving the audience assurance that they can start their own journey from exactly where they are. All left encouraged and energized to consider their next steps. Jacqui was a wonderful choice for our event.


Mary Anne Jorgensen
Leadership Development Facilitation
November 26, 2017, Jacqui worked with Mary Anne in the same group (FEW Kansai)

I can't believe it is a year since working with you - I feel like you are still always there supporting me . I definitely wouldn't have come as far as I have without you. One of my biggest mistakes this year has been not checking in with you more. I am only just learning how important all this stuff that you and Hiro have been trying to tell me for ages is. I think mostly you have helped by being so positive and full of faith in me. I have been so slow to implement anything but what I understand now is that I am an artist (of sorts) and not a business person and I can never hope to bring my art to a business without having someone who understands marketing and strategic planning. Of course this is all stuff I can learn and read but it is so nice having the human connection. Someone who will listen to the woes and then set about working towards something positive instead of letting me dwell in the negativity. Maybe it comes naturally to some people and they make it look easy when in reality they have it all planned out but I am just a drifter and dreamer and hoper. None of these qualities will get me where I need to be.  Claire Ishino.com

Jacqui and I worked together in 2014 and 2015 and now again in 2016. She is a caring, detailed and very enthusiastic person to have on your team when you are building a business. She helps you focus and can pinpoint your strengths immediately and show you how best to use your strengths to market your business and your ideas.
— Kathleen O'Malley, Solopreneur Virtual Assistant, KathOMalley.com
If you have looked at what I do online, it is not without help! I have a business coach, who happens to live in another country! That’s right, Jacqui Miyabayashi and I have never met! She took me under her wings, sharing her knowledge like a mother duck, helping me to build a better business future. (Thanks Jacqui). We have also become great friends online to the point that I am so grateful and will probably shed a tear when we do meet in person some day!
— Lorraine Barwick, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, StandUpHealth.com
I worked with Jacqui earlier in the year and it was an amazing experience to see my business start up right in front of my eyes- it went faster than both of us expected and working with her is one of the reasons I now have a successful business of my own doing something I am good at and helping people at the same time.

She is great at keeping clients on track and I would recommend her to anyone - especially fellow women in Japan, like me.
— Laura Marushima, Full Circle Consulting

“whoosh, I get a response"

I consider myself a good copywriter and editor, but Jacqui - wow - she not only writes beautifully, her copy converts. She is what you would call a 'conversion copywriter.' I've 'stolen' exact phrases from her in my emails to clients and whoosh, I get a response. 

— Kath O'Malley, kathomalley.com

Jacqui’s background in marketing means she is able to pinpoint profit-making services.
— Kathryn Minchin Cycling.Walking.Eating.Talking. Kyoto
Working with you one on one helped us figure out where and how we could market ourselves. And it’s not necessarily where we expect.
— Christie Atherton http://www.languageandcreativity.com/

The work we did together was very useful. I remembered that I DO have business experience and that I CAN do all of the things you've suggested. I feel so much more confident now.

— Leigh Kennedy, Essence Yoga

Jacqui has helped me in my business so much. She’s really fun to work with.
— Danielle Shibano, Umi Designs, Osaka


I've just been getting tingles about all of this, so I just wanted to share with you, thanks to your help getting me this far along the path I've already potentially started to help one person who is really hurting right now. This means so much to me, and I wanted you to know your part in all of this! 

Jayne Nakata, Japan


Like Magic

One more thing I wanted to say was that since I started working with you, I've seen my vision for my business not only appear as if by magic but come to fruition in such a short time. But perhaps even more importantly for the first time in a very long time I am actually GLAD I live in Japan and I am now doing work which is not only meaningful but super rewarding. I'm not just biding my time until we can move [back to my home country] anymore. I'm happy to be here, now. So thank you for your support in getting to this awesome place. I only wish I could do the same for you.
Jayne Nakata
Transformations by Jayne


[I almost didn’t sign up because I was worried that the] time and depth and breadth of review would not be as detailed as it was.
[I] took a chance as the referral came from a member of a mastermind group that I participate in. And I felt desperate for feedback...dealing with overwhelm. Jacqui is awesome, detailed, insightful, generous.
— Felicia Fraser, http://www.revealyou.com/