Joanne Tomooka

I first began working with Jacqui many years ago when I had a very small cookie business.  I was having trouble trying to work out which direction to head in and was in desperate need of someone to help me make monthly goals and hold me accountable for achieving those goals.  
To be completely honest, I really wasn't in a financial position to pay for the support I needed, but decided to invest in Jacqui in the hope that it would pay off in the future.  The monthly meetings were invaluable in helping me focus on what needed to be done and helped me to build my tiny business into a wonderful shop, which I love spending time in and which really fits my lifestyle.  The financial investment was well worth it!

As well as moral support, Jacqui has been invaluable in helping with my homepage and social media accounts.  I am quite technologically challenged, but every time I have a problem Jacqui is always there to help me solve it and goes out of her way any time of the day or night to help me out.

I can't recommend Jacqui highly enough for anyone who is starting out in business or someone who is in need of some help with changing the focus of their existing business.