Claire Ishino

I can't believe it is a year since working with you - I feel like you are still always there supporting me . I definitely wouldn't have come as far as I have without you. One of my biggest mistakes this year has been not checking in with you more. I am only just learning how important all this stuff that you and Hiro have been trying to tell me for ages is. I think mostly you have helped by being so positive and full of faith in me. I have been so slow to implement anything but what I understand now is that I am an artist (of sorts) and not a business person and I can never hope to bring my art to a business without having someone who understands marketing and strategic planning. Of course this is all stuff I can learn and read but it is so nice having the human connection. Someone who will listen to the woes and then set about working towards something positive instead of letting me dwell in the negativity. Maybe it comes naturally to some people and they make it look easy when in reality they have it all planned out but I am just a drifter and dreamer and hoper. None of these qualities will get me where I need to be. Claire