This is the scariest thing I have ever done

Thank you.
Thank you for visiting my website.
Thank you for trusting me. 

If you're visiting from Facebook you will understand why I am thanking you.

On Friday I announced that I am closing the free One of a Kind Life Facebook group.

You're upset. You love our group! Believe me, I do too. That is why this is the scariest thing I have done in my business.

I'm worried you think I am abandoning you. I'm worried that you don't trust me.

But girls! Would I leave you out there on your own? Would I do something that goes against the very thing I teach (ie. turn my back on my loyal customers?) No!

Ladies, I have a wonderful cozy new home all set up for us on a platform called Mighty Networks. I know you will love it if you give it a chance. One of a Kind Women lives on!


Let me ask you: 

What do you dislike most, what annoys you the most, or what are your biggest frustrations with Facebook?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Facebook is distracting, noisy and cluttered.
  2. Facebook seems intent on showing me the same repetitive and irrelevant ads over and over.
  3. Despite seeing the same stuff repeatedly, it's really hard to find a thing when I want to.
  4. Time seems to disappear when I am on Facebook and yet I can't say where the time has gone.

I'm sure you have similar feelings. Needless to say that I have chosen a platform that aims to avoid all of these problems and add in things you didn't know you wanted, like a proper search function.

I would really love it if you would come and take a look. Trust me, ripping off the bandaid hurts only for a second. You will love our new home! 


* If you hate it, you can cancel at any time.