Step 05

It's Launch Day! This is the day you've been waiting for. It starts bright and early as Implementation Day. We are in touch throughout the day checking, tweaking, finalising. 

By the end of the day you're handed the keys to the door and your new business is launched into the world with much fanfare! It's an exciting day = Launch Day.

Congratulations! You're in business!

  • You'll have a calendar outlining the launch sequence and important upcoming dates for adding new content, sending out updates and keeping your customers engaged. 
  • You'll receive a training session on managing your own platforms (website/newsletter/social media) - this can be scheduled for another day if necessary.

  • A follow-up call is scheduled for about one month after the launch date to check in with you, make sure the business is running without glitches and see how things are going for you.


Are you ready to launch your business?

Just Five Steps and we are together every step of the way.