Lesson Ten

I've done something a little bit sneaky today. Back on Day Two I told you it would be OK if you jumped in and started practicing marketing with some of the tactical day-to-day tools we use to promote our businesses and connect with our customers. Today you'll see that in fact I never abandoned MY master plan which is to encourage you to think "Strategy Before Tactics". 

Rant alert - too often a new social media platform comes along and it's fun, exciting and cool. Everyone jumps in. Then the marketers come in and I'm ashamed to say we start to exploit the tool by turning it into another free advertising space. Pretty soon the creators of the app or the website see $$$$ dollar signs and think of a way to "monetise" the platform. Paid-advertising comes in. What happens next is that so-called "experts" are born and for just $xxx you can learn their "proven strategy to master the platform of the day".
You, solo-business owner are either left scratching your head about how to make it work or you are signing on the dotted line and sending over your credit card details. 

I said I was being sneaky but I'm not dishonest.

I teach strategy. I am not an expert in Instagram or Pinterest or even Pokemon Go for Business. I can't guarantee your sales will increase if you follow my 'seven simple steps'. Frankly I don't spend too much time on the front-line implementing marketing plans at this level.

When you work with me I'll help you take a much broader view of your business. I'll ask you to think deeply and intuitively about where you see your business going, how it supports and nurtures your family, why your work is fulfilling and meaningful. It's a global approach to building a sound and sustainable business. I won't let you pin your hopes on the fad of the day. 

Today's lesson tries to blur the lines between exactly what you'll do day-to-day and what you'll plan for long-term. 

Tomorrow will be the final day of this mini-course and it's a simple lesson to wrap up a great week! See you then and over on my Facebook page. 

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