Lesson Eleven, Final Lesson

Your friends want to support you! They need to know about your business and it's your job to tell them what you do and who you can help, how you can help. We've spent two weeks perfecting your message so you can confidently invite your friends to step into your business world.

I've run three successful businesses over the past ten years and all three of them started with my friends buying from me. They told their friends about my business and they all grew from there. This 'word of mouth' created a ripple effect and momentum. Pretty soon I was selling to 'strangers' and things took off from there.

Today there isn't a printable. Instead I simply want you to go out and tell your friends about what you're doing. Don't be the best-kept secret that nobody has heard of. 

A simple way to get started painlessly is to set up your new social media accounts then look for the recommended friends to follow function on it. Instagram is owned by facebook so if any are using both you'll be told who. Twitter will tell you which friends are there as well, Pinterest has this function and so does LinkedIn. Don't be shy!

Share your business with my followers by tagging yourself or leaving a comment on any of my social media profiles. Don't feel you have to follow everyone else though - look at the business and products to decide first if it is relevant to you. 

Did you enjoy this free mini-course? If you enjoyed it and learned from it then please share it or tell your friends about it. 

It doesn't have to end there

Free courses are great but still ... there's something missing. What you might need is some personalised instruction. Below you'll find the details of the next step: Find Your Focus Intensive Session with Jacqui.

- 90 minutes scheduled at your convenience, over Skype, Facetime

- deep-dive discovery into your business and brand - what do you stand for? what makes you stand out? why should anyone care? what makes them buy?

- what are you missing? it could be a small, simple tweak - let's find it! 

- schedule your session here: Find your Focus Intensive Session with Jacqui