One of a Kind Women is perfect for you.




The One of a Kind Women community is a web-based network with our own downloadable app. Get notifications, post messages or questions, chat with others from your phone, device or computer. In theory, we are operational 24/7 so help is never far away! (I myself try to keep business hours, Japan Standard Time, with weekends off)




Our community has been together for about 18 months having started as a Facebook group. It is led by expat-entrepreneur Jacqui Miyabayashi. You can tag me or chat directly with me anytime through the network.

You'll also find that I am not the only expert in the group - we all are, including you. We encourage everyone to voice their opinions and share their experiences. 



What's working? What's not working? The business terrain is ever-changing and honestly it's hard to keep up. Having a group of people who are out in the trenches just like you are is invaluable for learning what to try or not to try. 

FYI, you'll also hear what Jacqui is up to and the reasons behind my decisions. Complete transparency is a goal and you will not find this honesty anywhere else online.