Zero to Hero in just fourteen days

Do you remember a few weeks ago I was offering Valentine's Day love chats for free? I was contacted by my lovely friend Laura. The reason I mention this date (February 25th) is because this past month Laura launched her new business Full Circle Consulting. (incredibly she did it in just TWO weeks!)

When we spoke she had only an idea, nothing at all in place.  And now she's running an actual business. I can't take all the credit as she is an absolute whizz when it comes to new technology. New concepts and ideas are no challenge to her so we were able to race through what might normally take months or even years.

A true Zero to Hero story!

Laura is an old friend of mine, we connected years ago by virtue of both being antipodean expats here in Japan - she's from Australia. Among our circle of friends Laura is known to be super-organised and extremely efficient so I was not surprised when she mentioned that she was interested in starting some virtual assistant freelancing work. With a degree in journalism and public relations Laura can do a lot more than VA work so we made the decision to position her as an Administration Consultant.

The process

Laura's new business is a fantastic case study for the type of consulting I do so I'd love to explain part of the process but if you want to know how it could be you in the hero's seat, then get in touch quick. You know I do free 30 minute consults (which honestly often stretch longer).

Laura and I got together over Skype for an hour and a half as part of the Valentine's promo offer I was running in February. Laura already had an idea for her business and I was able to glean quite a bit from our chat as well as a couple of emails. During and after the free session my goal was to give Laura the confidence to visualise herself IN business and to give her some strategies to take away - even if we went no further together. Things seemed to click into place though so Laura decided to hire me to work intensively on a business plan with her.

The biggest hurdle was and still is getting clients but we were able to pick a very identifiable group of people that Laura will be able to help a lot with her skills. Knowing the kinds of problems that they suffer and how Laura can help solve them was the key to quickly being able to set up some free consultation calls herself and ultimately secure several clients right off the bat!

After just one month working quite intensively (dozens of emails back and forth via my online project management system) Laura has a full working business model. That means she knows exactly where her clients come from, what problems they have and how she is THE person to solve them, how she can reach more potential clients, and most importantly she knows how her business makes money.

Just between you and I, Laura also has another potential client waiting in the wings - it's me. Even as I was helping her she was making suggestions to me about things that could be streamlined in my business.

I would love to spend more time talking about the fun we had but I don't want to seem like a proud and very biased mum. Go and take a look yourself.

If you are a stressed-out, overworked, business person running around like a chook with your head cut off then please get in touch with her at Full Circle Consulting. You won't regret it.