You're part of something bigger: Customer Insights Part 3

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The bigger trends that affect our thinking

Earlier in the week we were micro-focused on how our customer was feeling right now, right this minute. Today we take our broadest view of the customer's world.

What is shaping the way she thinks and feels? We're talking about global trends, social trends, movements.

Here is one example, to encourage you to think big picture.

Are you a fan of the TV show Mad Men? My very favourite character was Betty, the wife. The 1950s housewife stereotype is one we think we understand and what a contrast to the wife and mother of today! To cite one example, Betty rarely engages with or plays with her kids. She's completely indifferent to them a lot of the time and don't get me started on the smoking! The children who were raised in that era did things differently with their children. We are the children of those children and we have very different ways of parenting too. We spend a lot more time actively parenting our children for one thing! That's a huge shift from just half a century ago.

Can you think of trends and movements that affect your industry?

Women's empowerment is a huge one. Our attitudes towards equality, our roles in the family and at work, the expectations for our children.

All of these things have impacted business, yours included.

What do families spend their money on? 
How do women spend their money?
Who makes financial decisions?

What are the larger forces at play behind every cent spent by the modern woman?

"Mad Men's Betty Draper has spent every day recovering from the quiet trauma of her deeply unfulfilling life" via Buzzfeed