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Terrifying or exciting? 17 days left of the year. Some people are so ready to be done with 2016. It's been a hard year for so many. I hope you're not one of them.

I'm counting my blessings this year after two kind of rough ones in '15 and '14. 

This morning I woke up for a 5 am (FIVE AM) conference call with my amazing productivity coach Jo Bendle. It was time to nail the plan for 2017 but first we spent a few minutes reflecting over this past year. This is one of Jo's secret success tips, to reflect daily, weekly, monthly. I hadn't realised what an amazing year I have had until I took a few minutes to do this today. 

Here are some of the highlights of my year:
- I helped more people than ever before this year; more clients; more networking events; more emails sent; more phone calls made.
- I attended three weekend retreats and workations - in Kyoto, Kobe and Nagoya. 
- I was on holiday with my dad and kids in January in New Zealand, in August in Australia and this past month here in Japan.
- I finally quit teaching for spare cash (HUGE).
- I made my last payment on my 3 year old car last week! I own that baby. 

If you took some time to reflect would there be some great moments? 

There are a lot of free 2017 planning webinars going on right now. A few I've seen pass through my email: Todd Herman, Michael Hyatt, Amber McCue ... Have you done any? 

How would you like to add even more detail to that plan? I'm putting together a group called The Right Direction which will help you connect the dots between your big exciting plans for life and a BUSINESS STRATEGY to make it happen. It's the missing link :) You can register your interest in hearing more here:

What were your highlights? Was it a good or a bad year?