Your Customers Don't Care About You, They Care About Themselves!


Yesterday we talked about "our why" - why we're in business for ourselves, what makes us excited to wake up each morning. 

It got me thinking about our needs as humans. 
But more importantly the needs of our customers. 

Long ago when I was a marketing student we studied Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Represented as a pyramid it tells us what we need most in order to survive and thrive as human beings. 

Our basic needs include food, water, sleep. The next level of needs cover things like a secure and safe place to live. Law, stability and freedom from fear are included in this section. These basic needs correspond to our highest level of motivation to take action to resolve any deficits. 

In this day and age we take it for granted that everyone has these basic needs provided for (although in the case of women, single mothers, divorced mothers and those with mental illness, etc, this can't be taken for granted). 

Therefore most of us are selling products and services that speak to the higher levels of need, psychological needs such as esteem, belonging and friendship. 

Let's turn our thoughts to "their why".

Your customer buys the newest model precision racing skis from you because he wants to look cool, gain status, ski faster and win the respect of his friends.

She buys the designer clothing you sell for her kids because she wants her mum friends to think that she is an excellent mother. She loves them more than anything so giving them the best she can afford is an expression of her love for them. 

The bespoke statement necklaces that you make allow your customer to feel beautiful, confident and respected at work. 

Why are your customers buying your product or service and are you tapping into their deep psychological need in your marketing message and sales presentations? This is the difference between 'nice to have' and 'must-have'. Which would you rather be?