What's holding you back?

What are your biggest hesitations about hiring an expert?

"marketing isn't for me" "will it work? will it make me money?"  

The subtext is that marketing is sleazy. That makes me sad.

So I ask: do you want to sell your stuff? You need marketing. 

It's a common misconception that you have to be outgoing to be a success in marketing. I believe that if you're willing to put yourself out there then you can cultivate a deeply supportive community. Those relationships will pull you to the heights you want to get to. Of course I still recommend staying within your personally-defined boundaries.

You definitely don't need to walk the walk or talk the talk to be a success in business. I'll teach you to listen, to find the people you are meant to serve, who will love your stuff. There's nothing sleazy about that.

"I can't afford it" 

I used to think I couldn't afford to hire an expert either. Hell, I was supposed to be the expert!

This what I now know. A degree in marketing (which I have) is not the same as knowing how to write a business plan, build a website, set up a PR campaign, manage your books, pitch to new clients. It really bothered me that I was flailing around cluelessly most of the time when I started my first business Mee a Bee. So you know what I did? I bought stuff - textbooks, online courses, group mentoring packages, templates. If it promised to make me a success at my business I wanted it.

The problem was I had no big picture plan. The thousands of dollars I spent were in many cases ill-advised. I'm ashamed to say that. Coming to the realisation that I needed a PLAN was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now that sweet little side business runs virtually on auto-pilot freeing me up to help prevent others from making the same mistakes.

I really did become the expert.

So without telling you that you should work with me ... I at least want to encourage you to get a big picture plan sorted out in your head. If you subscribe to my Action Plan you'll get the Really Simple Business Plan template free, a great starting point. Click below to grab it.