What are you reading?

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This month I'm reading:

I often feel guilty about the tug between being in business and being a mum. Books like Growing Great Boys by Ian Grant (who I saw speak in NZ in August) are really helpful. What I've learnt is that as my kids get older it's more about quality rather than quantity.

My kids are old enough to understand that my work is important. But they're my priority. I feel happy knowing that my interactions with them are influencing them positively and guiding them towards fulfilling futures of their own. The time we do spend together is fun, spontaneous and often directed by them. I'm speaking much more effectively to them and with them. 

Ian Grant offers practical suggestions. Like this one: instead of asking your kids to tell you about their day, ask them to rate it, out of ten. Often it's possible to get them to explain their reasoning. I've found this line of questioning much more satisfying than "how was your day?" "fine'.

Instead we have this:

"Do you want to rate your day?"


"Sounds like it was just okay."

"Yeah, well ...  "

and they launch into conversation. Yaye!