Website Training Promo - check it out! So fancy.

I love learning how to do new things and with my new courses now scheduled and for sale (click here to read more) I needed a way to make to make it look and sound pretty.

Imagine how happy I was to find that already on my computer I have the perfect software: KeyNote. Obviously I hadn't used it before but it's really very intuitive. I have used the other Mac program Pages and it follows a similar layout.

I'm a new Mac user having just made the switch this year. I'll tell you having the technology to support you helps in business so much. I'm not against Windows or anything but my old computer was five years old and deathly slow. I wasted HOURS waiting for stuff to happen.

If technology sometimes gets the better of you how about checking out my latest training course on Websites. How, when, where, what, why - it's all explained in the course. This is a preview.