Website Dilemma - Q & A time

This week on my Facebook page I am taking questions about ANYTHING related to building a business, as an expat (or otherwise as in the case of this question that came in). Got a question? Come on over and ask!


A question came in via email from someone who wants to stay anonymous for now. He asked about websites. He has a web page, with his company name on the banner, but no content. It's an empty site. What should he put on his site? 


It's a great question and struggle for many. Websites are so important for business, people want to know WHO you are, WHAT you can do for them, and to make sure you're a LEGITIMATE company. Your website lets people know that they are in the right place. 

Let's say you're a furniture importer and I am looking for a new table. I arrive at your site and see that you import high quality furnishings from Denmark. That sounds right up my alley so I know my search is over. But who are you? Are you a person I can trust with my money? 

So to answer your question Anon., the bare minimum for a website is a Welcome page/Home page that immediately tells visitors what you do and for who. This information can be conveyed with words or pictures, videos, whatever fits your product and your target audience. The second essential page is the 'about page' that explains who you are, the person running the business. What's your experience and can you be trusted? Testimonials are great to add to this page as well.

Third page, a services or product page. Even if you don't sell online you still need to let your visitors have some indication of what you offer. Think about it, how likely are you to call a new company not knowing whether they sell what you want? You'd be too afraid of looking like a fool or getting trapped in a pushy sales call. Yikes.

With these three pages and a contact form or some way to get in touch you're well on your way. There's lots more you can do with a website of course but this is a great start and a big improvement over an empty site! Hope this helps! Thanks for the question Anon. Anything else I can help anyone with?

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