To sale or not to sale? That is the question

Back in September and October I re-opened my online bag store for children, Mee a Bee, to approving fans who had eagerly been waiting. I made it fun by adding a dozen new designs to the line-up and I offered an exclusive discount to subscribers.

It was a busy few weeks and I was so happy with the response. Lots of new bags went off to lovely homes.

And then ... silence. Things quietened down significantly, dropping back to the odd sale here and there. At first I wasn't concerned but as we get further into November I am getting itchy fingers to offer a discount in order to get some more sales.

It's a dilemma as I do not want to discount. I think heavy discounting constantly primes the prospective customer to expect a sale - to the point where they don't buy unless there's a discount. 

On the other hand bolts of gorgeous fabric sitting in my sewing room don't serve anyone either.

Toddler or Pre-school Sized Bag for Boys who love trains.

Toddler or Pre-school Sized Bag for Boys who love trains.

Time for some last-hour marketing and promotion?

In the past I did a lot of blogging on my personal blog. I had a Twitter account. A Pinterest account. A Flickr account. An Instagram account. A Facebook page. I'm a marketer but social media isn't my favourite place to hang it. It was and is overwhelming.

There are so many options and I am not sure if I have the energy to come up with a strategy. That's me being honest. I'd love to hear your ideas.