Tips for writers - or anyone who needs or wants 'shares, pre-orders, follows'

Have you written a book? No, me either but if I had I would definitely be copying this strategy from author Gretchen Rubin. She's promoting her newest book, Better Than Before, which is still in the pre-order phase. Rather than just say to her readers 'click here to pre-order' she's explained WHY it's helpful to her if people pre-order a book AND her publisher is offering free gifts for those early buyers.

In marketing speak we call this type of request a call to action whereby information is provided to the readers or audience then they are instructed or encouraged to take some action, to do something. In this case the action is to pre-order.

There are several other calls to action within this text such as follow on twitter, facebook, etc but none is stronger than the suggestion to pre-order the book (= money in the bank for all involved in production). The free gift sweetens the deal but what I like most is the delightful and no-pressure way we readers are told why pre-ordering is a good idea:

pre-orders give a big boost to a book

by building enthusiasm among publishers, readers and booksellers.

Nothing heavy-handed. And for fans of Gretchen Rubin, as I am, having read her first book, I might just take them up on the offer - if only I were in the US! Not to worry, I will get the book at some point.

Try it yourself

When you have a call to action and you really want readers to do it, then try explaining the benefits. Commonly the marketer tries to explain the benefits from the customer perspective but I think it's OK to say why you, the seller, will benefit as well, if you have a warm audience who know and love you, and you use a light touch. Thanking them doesn't hurt either.

I will try this in my next post as in fact I do have something I want to tell you about! Let's see how it goes.