Think Like a Customer: Customer Insights Part 1


What's on your mind?

Are you thinking about the weather and worrying about your laundry?
Are you wondering when Easter falls this year and thinking about booking a trip away?
Are you feeling tired and thinking this might finally be the year that you start taking better care of your health?

At every given moment your customer has millions of thoughts going around in her mind. Some are pressing day-to-day issues; others are niggly "MUST-DO-THAT-TODAY-BUT-PROBABLY-WON'T" kind of thoughts; while even others are "ONE-DAY-I-WILL-DO-THAT" kind of thoughts in the back of her mind.

For those of us in business, these thoughts are the key to selling more of our products and services.

Q for today: 
What's on her mind? Short-term, mid-term, long-term?

Make sure you're checking in daily. This is a game-changer topic.