They just feel too young for that

"A lot of women in their 40s come to me because they feel exhausted all the time. They wake up feeling tired and they just feel too young for that."


"I work with women in their 40s who feel tired and lethargic. I work on their realigning their meridians so they wake up feeling more energetic".

Which of these two sentences piques your interest more? 

When you're presenting an idea it's so tempting to simply tell it how it is: "I will come in. We will do this. Then we will do that."

It seems like a perfectly reasonable way to go about presenting your idea but it assumes one massive thing about your customer - that she knows as much about 'your thing' as you do. (realign meridiens? do I have those?)

Our customers don't need or want to know HOW we solve their problems they just need to feel confident that we can solve the problem for them.

This is part 3 in my series about how I can help you get through to your customers.

I help you see through to the benefits your customers receive from working with you and translating them into relatable terms that the customer understands so she then wants to know more from you.

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