The Expat Agency


It's really exciting when things start to come together as you imagined they would. I am super proud to bring to you The Expat Agency. A place where internationally-minded service providers come together. A platform where we can hire each other; collaborate and refer each other.

About a year and a half ago I took a business course. My sewing business was flat and I couldn't seem to breathe any life into it. I thought the solution was expansion. Thankfully before the course was even underway I realised that I wanted to take my life in a completely different direction: Guiding others in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

It came to seem cliche but I had a vision which empowered women. Over the year the vision went through some changes as I started to grow and stretch myself. My passion for women-run businesses has never wained. At the same time I don't like the direction we're moving in that is forcing men out. 

I flip-flopped on working with creative women to working with expatriate women (who may still be creative) to working with anyone, men too, who are internationally-minded to working with women over forty. Ahhhhrgh! Marketing teaches that you cannot be all things to every person and that your message will be stronger, more focused, if you narrow in on a niche. 


The Expat Agency is a community. You'll want to be part of it because we share a common goal - to bring our highest value to the world. We're open to working beyond borders, in different time zones and in different currencies. We're empathetic to language struggles. At the core, what's important is the work, not the language we speak to get it done. Not what gender we are either or whether we have children or we like green or blue. I hope we attract like-minded people (and we'll have zero-tolerance for any exclusionary language or behaviour).

The types of people I see as being a great fit for The Expat Agency are writers, copywriters, translators, editors. Illustrators, graphic designers, artists with a commercial focus. Web developers, web designers, coders, app developers. Photographers. Marketers, social media experts, branding consultants. Any serviceperson in the business-to-business space. Each application will be reviewed. I will select high-quality providers, individuals or small studio teams. I reserve the right to refuse applications (that come from huge corporate outsourcing agencies for instance). Preference will naturally be given to expats. I still want to retain a hand-picked feel to the platform.

If you're excited about this mission and you can get on-board with the philosophy then I welcome your submission. If it starts to take off a new platform or market place will be set up but for now it's housed here on my website. And I'd like to keep the policies open for now, until we see a continued need for something more formal. Right now, we're friends who will keep our ear to the ground for suitable projects for our fellow team-mates. How does that sound?

Visit The Expat Agency now. Are you excited? I am! See an example of the Team Page.

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