The thrill of new ideas


Oh the thrill of a new idea! This is what lights us up. But what do you do when the ideas come thick and fast? You could be a crazy ideas lady who never does anything with her 'brain farts'. You could be a hermited librarian who hits the books to research the potential of your new ideas but ultimately talks yourself out of them. You could fire first and then take aim! Or ...

Lots of my clients come to me with ideas and every so often one pops up for which the time seems right. The thing about business ideas is that they don't have to be original. Your take on it and what you bring to the concept will be unique. No doubt about it. 

I eat new ideas for breakfast and then the cogs start spinning. Distilling ideas into a 'marketable concepts' is what I bring to the table. Your idea goes into the machine and comes out the other end attached to several other ideas already in the marketplace. This gives you the basis for a business model that could potentially make you money.

Just as an example. I literally just had breakfast. Granola. Could we reinvent the way granola is packaged and delivered? I hate the raisins in our current batch, my son loves them. I've been picking them out and throwing them away (eek). He told me to toss them back into the container. I love the slivered almonds, him, not so much. Why doesn't granola come with separately packaged extras that you add as desired? Like pick n' mix. By subscription. Delivered to my door. Without the pain of going to the Bulk Buy and having to cook the granola yourself? 

I'm taking appointments this month, let's sit down to talk over your new ideas in your business.
This post is part of the series explaining what I do and how I can help you.