The good the bad and the ugly of online selling


A few weeks ago Amanda (Jima Space Design) and I went along to celebrate the pre-launch of a friend's new business. I'll be sharing more about that over the next months. I think we look amazing! We certainly had a fantastic time.

The launch party was indeed an exciting event but it was preceded by panic over what to wear. I ordered a few items of clothing from a UK-based clothing store only to have the order canceled without notice. The first I heard of the cancelled order was when a refund arrived in my Paypal account - shockingly bad service wouldn't you say? I actually had to call them to find out what was going on.

It was a good reminder to always be very clear about what I am selling, to be clear on what my customers or clients expect from me and to keep the lines of communication open.

Two of my newer clients are on consulting packages where email support is included. Given that their businesses are new and there are a LOT of decisions to make I've needed to be available more than I am when I work with people in established businesses. It might be extra work but when you look at it from the customer perspective they need to feel supported.

Over at Mee a Bee we've been in the midst of the busiest quarter of the year. Understandably people have been emailing or adding notes to their orders to ask if the packages will arrive before Christmas. It takes but a few minutes to write a little note in reply to reassure them that yes, they are in good hands.

Today's message is just a little reminder to put yourself in the shoes of your clients, customers and prospective clients. It's a busy, chaotic and sometimes stressful time of year, so be kind.