Ten years a blogger. It all started with a blog!


Ten years ago I made a decision which changed the course of my life: I started a blog. The blog was built around the notion of 'blooming where you are planted'. I used the blog to document my days as a mum with two small kids; to voice my opinions about life in Japan; to rant about the aforementioned life and to get support & encouragement from my readers. I think I have definitely fulfilled the hope of blooming where I am planted :)

Without that blog I wouldn't be where I am today {grateful}. However during those early years some days were a real struggle. I didn't handle the arrival of my youngest son very well. You might know that if you read my old blog. Despite it all I managed to move out of my comfort zone many times and build the tiny empire I now have.

My comfort zone is probably a lot bigger than yours but it wasn't always the case. Even so we all have an area outside of that zone that makes our hearts pound, our palms sweat and old feelings of anxiety resurface. I'm curious to know what those things are for you?

Here's a little list of my freak-out-zone things, both business and personal:

- Video and webinars. 
It takes me so long to feel happy with how I look (my weight, my hair).

- Telling strangers what I do for a living. 
Last week I was asked directly what I do. I can't believe I said "Well I'm a mum with two kids at home and I am a marketing consultant for women who live abroad." Forehead slap. Is my business an afterthought??

- Driving to new places.
I'm terrified of the highway system in central Osaka. I can drive as far as IKEA but no further :)

- Answering the telephone.
I always think it's going to be my little guy's teacher (it often is and it's never good news).

What would be a big stretch out of YOUR comfort zone? Can we help you with some words of encouragement? Has your comfort zone already stretched? Tell us about it.