Stuck for ideas for your blog? Blog 'on location'

Stuck for ideas for your blog?

Think about your business 'on location'.

Show pictures of your product or service being used around town.

You've seen me doing this a lot - the product/service in my business is ME so I share pictures of myself out with clients. Or places that I have visited and my impressions of them from a business point of view. Or places that inspire me, nurture me, help me stay sane, feed me ...

Can you ask your customers to share pictures of themselves using your product in fun places?

Is your business located in a cool place?

A historical area, a beautiful building?

How does this affect the way you work? 

Are you inspired by your location? 

Do you participate in any community events? Can you relate this to business?

Do you go out in search of cool locations to hold events? Share your selection process.


Is your whole business model created around your location?

My Chatty Cafe classes have been successful in part because of our location. My home is quite spacious and modern-looking which makes the guests feel like they are in a foreign country. They get to experience "travel abroad" without having to leave the country. I don't use social media for that business however my customers love to snap pictures of my cakes, the table setting, new framed art or a vase of flowers that I have set out so that they can share on their OWN social media. Word of mouth recommendations like this are HUGE in a local business.

Yesterday I was out for lunch with a dear friend and one of the original Chatty Cafe members. Back in 2008 I told her about my plan to start a cafe class. She invited a few friends to the first class. From there the idea spread like wildfire. Even though it's not my main focus these days I still host ten Chatty Cafes a month and have about 25 regulars on the books. I was clear from the outset that location was everything and that it was my 'secret sauce'.

What's your special ingredient?