Step back from the tunic top rack

I'm always on the lookout for women who are rocking their businesses and today I found just that.

Reachel Bagley is a fashion consultant in Arizona. I found her on Instagram. I clicked to read more about her family (four kids under six!) but got pulled into Cardigan Empire by her great content on dressing for body type, signature style and colouring. Her philosophy is to help women be the best version of themselves. There's no wrong body type just wrong clothes. LOVE.

Let me tell you about the amazing things she's doing in her business that you could aspire to:

* Awesome website filled to the brim with extremely useful information and a ton of personality shining through.

* Maximum use of all social media platforms, where appropriate. Pinterest, Instagram and my personal favourite for her: YouTube. She's not oversharing. It's tasteful.

* A lot of gratitude and sense of community. She shouts out her friends and colleagues in the industry. #communityovercompetition is a great hashtag for her.

* Clear information about what services she provides and how much they cost.

Anything else you love about how she promotes and works in her business?

Here's a little video to watch her at work but as we head into a new season I highly recommend you pop over to her main site and explore the videos on body type and dressing to maximise your natural assets (rather than fretting over needing to diet).

Thanks to Reachel I learned that the tunic top is the most unflattering thing I could possibly wear as a tall somewhat pear-shaped person. I am much better off accentuating the waist I have. This info has already come in handy as I have spent countless hours trying to find a dazzling outfit to wear to this year's round of Christmas & End of Year Parties. I think I have made some good choices - ordered online so we shall see when they arrive.

Are you looking to hire a personal stylist? My very good friend Daniela is The Silver Lining Stylist. She's located in the Asian region and does consultations online. She's fabulous! Trained in London. 

If you are looking for a personal stylist in Tokyo you might like to look up another friend of mine: Corin Kanazawa. She's available to go shopping in person with you and the word on the street is that she is a keen bargain hunter so you'll save as well as look great. She's on Facebook