Start a business today! Here is how I did it. And some tips for you.

Today I talk about starting a business and my experience of launching Mee a Bee back in 2007. These days I help others to start businesses. I'd still go about starting in the same way were I to do it again. 

Main points

  1. start now!
  2. give it a try!
  3. you won't know until you try!
  4. start small
  5. don't invest a ton of money into it
  6. look at your skill set
  7. do some market research, look for holes in the market and fill them
  8. what are other people selling?
  9. what can you do better?
  10. what are people buying?
  11. what's going to catch people's eye and get them excited about?
  12. is there really a need for your type of product?
  13. work up the courage to tell people what you are up to.
  14. friends and family will be your initial supporters
  15. see what the response is
  16. give it a go and see what people think

There are some points I didn't mention, namely naysayers, of which some seem to exist in many families or circles of friends. While I never felt discouraged about this business idea I did receive some negative comments about Chatty Cafe, one of my other businesses. Who had the last laugh? I did - I am still running that VERY profitable business too, since 2008. Ha ha!

I'm going to talk about being professional and showing clear intention in another post, so that friends and family who ARE going to support you can do so immediately and those who are not can leave with their dignity intact.