Relax & Retreat? The word of the month is RETREAT. Why?


There's something about autumn in Japan that makes people want to travel. The relief after the never-ending heat of summer. The promise of dazzling displays of autumn foliage. The equally dazzling array of seasonal dishes that arrive in restaurants and at inns.

The word of the moment is RETREAT. Everyone's talking about retreats at the moment. A former client of mine emailed today to ask my thoughts on them. You know I'm a big fan having been on two retreats and a girl's weekend this year.

Two years ago we attempted to host a retreat on Yakushima Island. In the end it didn't go ahead (we went to Kyoto instead later in the year). There were several reasons why we canceled it but mainly it was prohibitively expensive to get to the resort because it's well off the beaten track in terms of transportation. We also needed to do a lot more research so we could truly know what makes women so excited about retreats. So ...

If you were going to go on a 'business retreat' what would you hope to accomplish or address while there?

* Would it be appealing to you to SOLVE a business problem that's been bothering you for a while?

* How would you feel about getting help ANALYZING the market you operate in to identify possible opportunities and/or threats?

* Would you be thrilled to CREATE a new product offering or service offering that you could launch as soon as you returned home?

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Personally I get excited about the company of great women and like-minded people. I also get a buzz out of travelling for work since I work at home in my pjs quite a bit :)

I will plan a retreJust for a bit of visual eyecandy take a look at a favourite retreat site (which has two upcoming retreats for Japan!)