Stuck for ideas for your blog? Blog about the people of your business

Stuck for ideas for your blog? 

Write about the people of your business. 

Your history, how you came together, who has inspired you, taught you, mentored you. Tell the world why you are passionate about your business, share your values and how they align with your business vision.

THE GOAL is to help your customers feel connected to the real people behind the business. 

You can also break this down into 'mini blogs' for your other social media. Stick with the same theme but use snippets designed for the other platforms. Get great photos for pinterest, candid shots for instagram. 

Just remember to relate the content back to your goal. If you want to post a picture of your husband or mother in law, that's cool, as long as you caption it with something like "the silent partner in the business, my rock, a huge source of encouragement" That kind of thing. If it's TRUE.  ;)

Share who inspires and encourages you in your business life. For me it IS my husband. He has been 100% supportive since day 21.

(I started my original business secretly but he loved it when I finally told him about it).