Put yourself out there, in a big way

Over the past month I have done everything I can think of to spread the message about the Build & Thrive Academy and our free webinar training series. 

Crazy photos (pictured) shared on: 

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  • My blog
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Stories, anecdotes, thoughts and pleas have been shared in the same way.

Has it been annoying? Maybe.

Has it been embarrassing? Not really.

Has it been fun? Yes!

Has it been effective? Yes!

Let's back up a minute. The Build & Thrive Academy is a team project I am working on with my business partner Joanna, a fellow expat, who lives in the UK. We have created a whole course for busy women who run solo businesses but need help with the business side of things.

Coaches, therapists, freelance designers - anyone who works in their own business providing some kind of service is who we aim to help. In our first webinar we talk about getting new clients. Our instinct is that you will not want to put yourself out there in a big way. Don't worry, our beginner's strategy for getting new clients is very low-key. No cameras involved, trust me.

I said that this marketing campaign has been successful. In fact it's been really successful in grabbing the attention of people who already know what I am about AND I have added a whole bunch of new people to my social media fan sites. My sense of humour has had a chance to shine. I've shown myself to be confident. It's clear that I am prepared to stand behind my work. My immediate circle of influence has loved every second of this fun campaign. And those new to my world have had a taste of my work.

The next question then - what would you be willing to do to put yourself out there? Is crazy not really you? That's okay. Are you more of an introvert? Totally fine. Don't like to clown around? Or your work is more buttoned up and professional? Don't worry, there's a way to be seen that doesn't involve silly antics or gimmicks. What's important is that you're comfortable and being genuine. How about setting up a time to brainstorm with me? I'm a great people-reader and will be able to get a sense of you pretty quickly so I can make some realistic suggestions. You know where to find me!