Project Get Healthy


Working on a new project requires a lot of research - who are the key players in the industry? what are their philosophies? who are they targeting? what do people find appealing about them? where are they having the most success? how are they making money from their business ideas?

It's no surprise that some of the expertise of the so-called research subjects rubs off on you. My upcoming project touches on an area of health and nutrition which brought me into contact with food blogger Sarah Britton. Her website My New Roots is incredibly beautiful. A fun fact is that Sarah is also an expat - from Canada, living in Denmark. 

Just before Christmas, after a solid month of food over-indulgement, I decided to make Sarah's granola. One of the things Sarah teaches is to make one small change. I decided that the expensive, sugar-laden, high-calorie granola that I had been eating for the past six months was not healthy by any stretch of the imagination.  Luckily when the idea hit me to make my own, I was able to order most of the ingredients from another expat business located here in Japan, Alishan

The researcher becomes a convert. Is that a kind of Stockholm Syndrome? LOL

People to Follow

Being open to the possibility of being healthier I've met some other people doing good work and I've decided Instagram is where it's at! Follow these folks and check out their profiles for more info.

Lorraine Barwick: LozBar

Sarah Britton: My New Roots

Tina Koyama: Tina Koyama


Our project

Now back to that project. March is when you can expect to see the grand unveiling. Together with my partner in crime, business coach Joanna Byrne, we are running a training course for people who help others heal, get healthy or overcome health issues. We're talking to nutritionists, holistic healers, reiki therapists, personal trainers and more about how to get clients in your business and make money doing what you were put on this earth to do. Are you one of these gifted people?

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