Part II: Follow-along / case study / marketing in action

One of the images from a recent newsletter highlighting the new bags at Mee a Bee

One of the images from a recent newsletter highlighting the new bags at Mee a Bee

Part I is here.

Here's Email #4 

The fourth and final email of the series to re-launch Mee a Bee was this short and simple one, with the picture above attached.


Love Love Love

Over a dozen new bag designs have arrived in-store

After a huge week of sewing, photographing and uploading pictures the Mee a Bee store is open for business. I love all of the designs but if I had to pick a favourite it would be the terriers bag with the blue strap.
I hope you'll take a look at the shop while it's all spic and span.

Thanks a lot!
Mee a Bee

PS Birthday specials will be announced soon, Mee a Bee will be 7 years old.



Summary: the stats*

About a third of the people on my list of subscribers opened the email - that's a good rate, about double what's expected in the retail industry. An 'open' means they read at least part if not all of the email. It didn't go straight to their spam folder and they didn't auto-delete - that's good, my message got through to a good number of people.

About 15% of people clicked the links I had in the email ('clicks') - mainly they landed on my shop page or my Facebook page. That is quite a good 'click rate' as the average in retail is as low as 2%. So I had a few eyes in my shop.

'Opens' were highest for the first and second newsletters but 'clicks' were highest on the last newsletter when the shop was open for business. It's open for interpretation but I am going to assume that the people who opened the first three emails were excited to see the shop re-opening and therefore clicked when it was finally announced in email #4. I don't really have time to go and analyse the results carefully to see if this is true.

All in all I think this portion of the campaign did well. I can safely put this list to rest for a few months. They'll only get the odd update which they may or may not be interested in - I'm not writing any of them off just yet.

(*These are the statistics provided by Mailchimp, my email provider)


Here's the bad news

The bad news is sales were a little low over the weekend.  Most came from my friends and super-fans (super-fans are people who have loved and supported Mee a Bee for a number of years and have purchased many times, they are my reason for doing this. I love and appreciate them so much!)



There's always more! I was also employing what is called a 're-engagement' strategy in this series. It had a been a whole year since I had emailed the main list of subscribers. That's a long time so it's to be expected that many of the people on the list have no further interest in the product. On the other hand some are still really keen. So my purpose was to try and separate the keen beans from the not so keen. 

I have managed to set up a new list of subscribers now, by inviting them to resubscribe. That new list is considerably smaller than the original list but it's fresh and excited about my product. In the terminology we're calling this 'segmenting a list'.

Opens, clicks and SALES were predictably high from this list. GOOD NEWS. I'm really pleased about this.


Last words

As I mentioned in the first part of this two-part series I'm new to this type of email campaign marketing. I am happy with how it went but more than that I feel I have learned something about email marketing. I'm excited about trying it again soon, most likely with an upcoming training course I have here at Jacqui Miyabayashi Creative ;)

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