One Tip: Add a few extra details to your Facebook Profile


One of the things we do before we embark on a new project is to ask the advice of friends and colleagues.

Imagine you're on Facebook and you comment on a friend's page or in a group you belong to. Another person sees the comment and is interested in what you're doing or thinks she can help. She clicks on your profile (by clicking your name) only to see the message "this person only shares with friends". No information is publicly available.

It's totally OK to keep your profile locked up tight. You don't have to share your private life with the world in order to do business. But if you are hoping to meet people who would be a great fit for your business through Facebook groups and chats then add some work information to your personal Bio on Facebook.

Add a link to your website if you have one or add your place of work and link it to your Facebook public page.

People are nosey and you just never know if someone thinks she'd like to know more about you from a business perspective.

If you click on my personal page ( you'll see I have added my place of work (here and Mee a Bee) and a few other details like where I went to school, etc. I regularly get people visiting my business pages from this profile.

That's today's tip! Have a great Friday.