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I believe that anybody can start a business, monetize a hobby, change the world through some kind of for-profit or not-for-profit venture. Most people expect it to be challenging, with a lot of moving parts. The playing field is not level. The rules are constantly changing. We expect this.

What most people are unprepared for is the loneliness and isolation you'll experience when you first set out in business. Even if you have a team from the get-go you're still the one who is responsible for every decision, every policy, the buck stops with you. Most people are not prepared and did not expect to live inside their own head so much.

You probably were not prepared for your friends and family to have such strong opinions about your business. they either hate it and are sure it won't work - they spare no breath telling you that. or they love it and tell everyone to call you, whether they are a suitable customer for you or not. Or they love you and your idea but "Can I make a tiny suggestion? They want to 'help' in ways you don't need. 

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