OMG Which shopping cart should I use?

image from picjumbo

image from picjumbo

Everyday this week I've worked on something different. 

Wednesday saw me whipping up a batch of cupcakes for my ladies at Chatty Cafe. Actually I made them on Tuesday evening. I like to multitask so I usually bake while I am making the family dinner (as long as I am in the kitchen). My go-to person is Donna Hay for recipes. I have several of her books.

The dentist was my hangout on Thursday morning. Did I mention I had a chipped tooth last week? It was really busy at the clinic and I was kept waiting, in between parts of the procedure. Luckily I had thought ahead and had grabbed my Kindle. I'm re-reading Lean Marketing by Sean Ellis. It's a little bit technical but if you have an interest you might like to visit his blog: Startup Marketing.

Later the same day I went along to my son Tyler's school for the open observation day. They're learning their timetables. I was a little disappointed to see three parents texting or playing games on their smartphones throughout the class. Then embarrassingly I got a text myself. My phone was on silent mode but still ... It was my husband, wondering how Tyler was getting on. Grrr. 

Even later in the day, Thursday, while kind of watching Tyler's swimming lesson I re-read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. As you can tell I'm knee deep in some kind of startup - working on a brand-new project which needs a lot of brainstorming, idea validation and planning before we can officially declare it a new business. Don't worry it's not going to be another business for me, it's a client project. More on that very soon. Let's just say if you're a mum, you're going to love it.

The week rounded out nicely with a bit of downtime today, Friday. I had lunch with a friend who is considering coming onboard as my office assistant. That will be an exciting day for me - hiring my first real employee! One of the tasks she may take on is the admin for Mee a Bee. The main website has been down for a few months as I was just too busy to maintain it. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. One of the benefits of an online business is that it can be maintained from anywhere so a virtual assistant is worth considering. Here's a great article about one success story - a VA for a couple of travel bloggers.

Thinking about Mee a Bee I spent a futile few minutes this evening looking around for a good, cheap, simple option for a shopping cart (the place where people can buy stuff on the website). Then I thought that's just silly:

I've previously used Shopify for my shop site so I have sent off an email to their AMAZING customer service team to re-activate my account. Shopify really is the best in my opinion.  I can see from my webpage stats here that MOST visitors to JMC are actually looking for Mee a Bee, my dear little bags for kids. Hold tight people! or visit the Etsy store. It's open.

The sad news of the car accident I mentioned on Tuesday has still been on my mind. I've tried to be a good friend and call, email and even write a snail-mail letter (!) to friends who I haven't spoken to for ages or who are going through tough situations. It's been quite an emotional week and yet again I realise that everyone has bad crap going on all the time. Life isn't always easy! But friends definitely help share the burden.

Enjoy your weekend! Mine will be GREAT as my kids are planning to visit their grandparents and I am 'allowed' to sit this one out. A blissful quiet evening will be wonderful. Toast for dinner? Yep.