Obsessive Compulsive Business Owners Raise Your Hand


This morning I woke up with one word buzzing around in my head: FANATIC. 

I am getting tons of promotional emails in my box, are you? Each and every one of those business owners wants us to rave about their products or services. Very few will make the cut. We're too spoiled for choice. 

This apathy presents a huge problem for us as business owners ourselves. How can we make our businesses stand out? 

I think this idea of fanaticism is key. Are you a raving fan of your own business? Do you eat, sleep and dream about it? Is it always on your mind? 

This probably doesn't sound healthy but if you're not your number one raving fan how can you expect anyone else to be?

Is being in business a matter of survival for you? 
Is it a necessity or a nice-to-have? 
Are you driven? Annoyingly so?
What will failure mean? You can't eat? You won't be able to afford to send your kids to university? Your son won't get braces?

Is your business your ticket out of a job you hate? How much do you hate that job? How badly do you want out of it?

If the word 'obsession' resonates with you, then you're in good company here. Confess your obsessive business thoughts here.