New Year, New You?


New Year, New You? As tempting as that sounds I've decided to stick with just being Me.

How was your year in 2016? I'm guessing there were a lot of highs and lows. A year is a really long time! Do you feel like you are in a better position business-wise now as opposed to a year ago?

Are you making New Year resolutions? I am not declaring anything crazy or unachievable. Instead I am going to focus on building better relationships; living in the moment; and following through. I'll just be me, expect more of the same!

I'm Jacqui, a long-term resident of Japan, originally from New Zealand. I work with fellow expats to help you identify your unique skills and talents then turn those into profit-making businesses. I hate to see anyone railroaded into jobs that do not honour your training or expertise.

My own experiences are vast, going back to my teen years working alongside my father in the various shops he owned. I worked in other retail shops on weekends, evenings and school holidays from about the age of 14. My high school guidance counsellor suggested I study business management at university and if I could kiss that person now I would. The pursuit of excellence in business, especially service businesses, has been a passion of mine for a long time. I majored in marketing and international business management.

During my 21 years in Japan I have had a few different jobs and run several small businesses. I'm pretty sure I can give you some helpful insights into improving your business and making your life better. I'm always available for Skype consultations and I love to meet in person. This page has a 'send message' button where you can reach me.

Here's me on December 30th ending the year on a high at a lovely hotel restaurant in Tokyo. It pretty much sums me up - life is for living. Work to live, not the other way around.

Can I help you be 'more you' this year? Trust me, you're pretty awesome!