Happy New Year



This is Kasuga Shrine in Izumisano. Centuries old. For the first few years in this town we didn't know where the best shrines were. We only discovered this one four years ago. It's perfect for us - a brisk walk or bike ride - no crowds - and beautiful. As a family we visit once a year on New Year's Day. We pray for our health, school and business success. This year I also asked the gods to keep my family safe in my new car. It's funny like that here, there's a god for every occasion. If I wanted to I could have my car blessed by a monk. At our son's naming ceremony somebody else did just that. I thought it was weird blessing a baby and a car in the same service but my mother in law told me it was common practice. Still makes me smile. 


Jacqui MiyabayashiJapan