Marketing Your Passions: A Recipe for Success


I believe that we each have the right to explore, to learn and to gain knowledge in an area of our passions.

When that exploration and gaining of knowledge turns into expertise, I believe the knowledge can and should be shared for economic gain. Knowledge can form the basis of a platform from which a person can support his or her family. 

In such an economy, where people are joyfully increasing their level of expertise, pursuing knowledge that absolutely lights them up, they are happily helping others to solve problems that stem from lack of knowledge. It's a little bit like the saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'. The thing that you hate is the thing that another person loves. You can benefit each other.

The people who suffer the problems, on a practical level need to have the problems solved, while on an emotional level, gaining the level of knowledge to solve the problem themselves just doesn't contain joy for them. They will, however, find joy in being around a person who has truly found her calling and is alight with enthusiasm for gaining the knowledge that can now help.

In truth, a person who has a deep passion for something will pursue knowledge with no ulterior motives. She does it for love. Regardless, it should be her right that she be compensated for being able to help others solve the very problems she is so passionately learning to solve.


A girlhood dream

Take the girl who adored reading Vogue and Elle as a teenager. She took jobs in retail so she could be around clothing. She went on to study to be a personal stylist. Her passion for fashion turned into a marketable skill. She has a knack for locating great pieces at affordable prices. She helps women understand the role clothing plays in helping us to look and feel confident. She removes the guilt of a closet full of clothes you don't wear by gently helping you to pass unworn clothes on. Your days start stress-free knowing you have a wardrobe full of clothes that look great on you. 

This girl might not be great at marketing. It's not her passion. Her passion is fashion. That's her niche. But she knows marketing is a necessary evil if she wants to make a living as a personal stylist.

Is it possible to find the ways to market her skills in a way that is an extension of what she already loves to do?

It's marketing's job to make sure that this stylist-girl's light shines as brightly as possible so that the people who need her help can find her. My personal brand of marketing hones in on the passion, the fire in your belly is the fuel for the marketing machine.

What are you passionate about? I have a deep love for marketing that goes back to when I was a girl memorising ad jingles from the radio. I've stated my beliefs here and hopefully made clear my dreams for you - just do it! I will help shine the light on you, while you do what you love.

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