Mapping out our futures

One of the things I have struggled with over the past year (and a half) is getting in touch the right kind of people who might need my help. I spend most of the day chatting to friends (my clients, my peers) trawling Facebook - yes, guilty as charged - and trying to nut out WHERE on earth I am going with this? I have to say it's not bloody easy.

I was stuck in a particular mindset. Then I spoke to someone who pointed out that I didn't need to be married to that idea. That idea was that working with other creatives was the best path for me to follow. I love working with creative people, artists, crafters. Many of the people I work are creative. It made sense.

But when I looked at all the names on my list of contacts two things became clear. All of the people in my world are women. And almost all are in international situations: married like me, expats, travellers, nomads. 

Oh my gosh another epiphany. 

Limiting myself to only working with creative people was a reflection of my lack of confidence. I felt like people wouldn't value what I had to say if they couldn't see what I had already accomplished. My recent work was built from a creative expression (sewing bags). But did you know, I'm not sure if I have stated this publicly, for me it wasn't about sewing. It was about starting a business. Anything really! It just so happened that I could sew. A few other things came together and Mee a Bee born. It was surprise that it took off like it did!

So, going forward

Of course if you're a creative person I would love to work with you. I do love to sew, I love beautiful typography, I think graphic design and illustrating are amazing careers, music and movies are my fuel, I like to think I can write, I definitely love to read, in another life I would kill to be an interior decorator or a floral artist. Creativity is the air we breathe.

I will also be expanding my mindset to be truer to myself. I love working with women. I am an expat. I've been working with expats! I'll stop trying to squeeze myself into the creative mould. I don't quite fit.

My plan is evolving. I'll map out a few routes and see where I end up. Just like my famous roadtrips - I might still get lost - but it will be a fun journey.

I posted a few ideas on my Facebook page, would you like to add your thoughts? Especially this niggling question "What do we call ourselves?" Expats or something else?

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