Let's Talk About Weekends

How do you spend your weekends? 
Are they lazy? Coffee, croissants and newspapers? 
Or hectic? Saturday sports and shopping malls? 

We've arrived at Sunday evening. Especially if you're a mum, you probably spend the whole weekend cleaning up after your kids, dealing with the mass of laundry that comes home with them every Friday and being asked about the next mealtime. 

That's why I really love Monday mornings. The house is still. The day is my own. Sunday night I start to feel happy with anticipation.

Do you have a day in your week like that? 

I have a client who used to work packing groceries at the supermarket. Another client was considering returning to school so she could later get a teaching job. Yet another was working several mornings a week at a kindergarten. 

They hated Mondays. Monday was just the start of a crazy, out of control week where the bills were paid but dreams were squashed. 

It's my dream for you to be able to plan your own schedule and decide which days you work. 

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