Opening Soon! The Kiora Cottage Store


Jo and I met through our blogs some ten years ago. We kept in touch, sharing parenting tips and recipes. We're both New Zealanders and our kids are roughly the same age. 

A couple of years ago Jo hired me to help her expand her business Kiora Cottage. At the time Jo was licenced to sell homemade cookies in her local area. She was selling them at the local michi no eki, roadside markets. With my help, she expanded her distributorship and built up her brand. She's pretty well-known in her small Oita town!

Last year Jo embarked on a new adventure which saw her creating a local market called Ringo Baco. Creators, designers, producers from the area come together twice a year to sell their products in a giant, fun market. That was a huge success too. 

Not content to rest on her laurels, Jo has more plans. All along it's been Jo's dream to open her own shop. Her dream is finally coming true this November. 

In a nutshell, Jo will be selling handmade and handcrafted items, as well as her cookies, cakes and a special custom blend of tea and locally roasted coffee. Kiora Cottage is an actual cottage built on Jo's property with her late father-in-law's help. Ojii-san was always supportive of Jo and her business ideas so I know he's smiling down on her.

Stay tuned for more updates about Jo and Kiora Cottage. She's a true success story and an inspiration to us women here in Japan. 

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