If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.


Life is a funny old thing. One minute Kathleen and her husband were living the high life, moving from country to country on the company docket as Expats. The next they were back in Kath's home province in Canada trying to adjust to new circumstances.

Kath is extremely resourceful and creative. She wouldn't say she has an entrepreneurial disposition. What she has is a great desire to help people and a need to survive. Combine these and you can go one of two ways. You can work at a job, be at the mercy of someone else. Or you can set up shop for yourself.

Kath has tried it all. 

About four years ago Kath had an idea for a business. She approached me, we worked together for a while. It was good.

A few months later Kath was working on a new project, she called me in again to help with the marketing. It was fun. Ultimately the idea was not feasible but Kath is an eager student and a quick-study. She learned a lot.  

By the time she came to me with her next idea, she had picked a winner.

In between business ideas Kath had a job. She quickly learned that minimum wage jobs are tough. Employers don't care as much about the fact that you have kids as they claim to in their new-employee handbook. All of her pay was being spent on childcare. It just didn't make sense. 

The new venture was going to truly be her last stab at entrepreneurial life. Luckily she hit the jackpot with a solid product and a clearly-defined market. Now when I say 'jackpot' what I really mean is the new business had the potential to make money.

Kath was pretty worn down by this stage and she was starting to get desperate. I'm sorry to say she was willing to do anything, to work for anyone and to charge the lowest prices. 

Step one was to help Kath tweak her pitches so that the clients who she was in talks with were clamouring to work with her. Step two was to convince Kath that her skills were valuable and that she was helping people save time and money in their businesses. She slowly started to aim for bigger projects and a higher calibre of clients. She bravely focused on a niche, a small corner of the business world: Squarespace developers and designers.

Kath became a lot more assertive. She's now very aware of her skill-set and even describes herself as a little bit arrogant. I don't agree but even if she was it wouldn't be misplaced. We could all be so lucky to have someone like Kath on our team.

In a word: she gets it done. 

How to get in touch with Kath

Kath is a web designer's partner, working exclusively with Squarespace websites. Her special skill lays in her ability to break large projects down into detailed checklists. She's methodical and exact. No stone is left unturned. Kath is the person you call in when you need it done right, on budget and within the deadline. She's the collaborative partner who makes you look good. You'll love her and your clients will too. kathomalley.com

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