Introducing the Build and Thrive Academy

The Build and Thrive Academy - free webinar tomorrow (Monday 16th) - 10pm JST

The Build and Thrive Academy - free webinar tomorrow (Monday 16th) - 10pm JST

For months now I have been secretly meeting my partner and friend Joanna Byrne to plot and plan an exciting new training course for new business owners. Joanna works mainly with health professionals and her area of expertise is confidence, clarity and organisational skills.

I was brought on for my knowledge in marketing and business development. I'm also a whizz at social media. And I enjoy the creative side of business - writing about what we're doing, sharing and starting conversations. I really love creating pictures like the one above to spark discussion or make people laugh. (I made this on Canva - an awesome, awesome tool you should check out.)

Our partnership is being branded as the fun place to hang out, for moms in business - our joke is that we work in our pjs / yoga pants / comfy jeans. We only put on lipstick when our clients come calling. I seldom wear shoes! That was the inspiration behind using the picture of this pretty woman in curlers and a robe.

But we also have a serious side so we call ourselves The Build and Thrive Academy. We have valuable business tools and knowledge to share. We're kicking off with a free online seminar (webinar) this coming Monday. We're calling it the Dress for Success webinar - "Just because we work from home doesn't mean we don't mean business". There are millions of mums all over the world with skills and talents to kill for, who are working from home or working around the needs of their families. This is who we help!

It's an extension of my mission here at JMC - I help women and mums here too with the added bonus that we are expats.The types of companies we run isn't necessarily different just because of our locations. The  Build and Thrive Academy will be great for you too.

What's different about Build and Thrive Academy compared to JMC?

Here at JMC I have tried in the past to add affordable group training programs to my line-up of offerings. It didn't go over as well as I would have liked because I really really enjoy working one-on-one with you all. Nothing gives me more joy than putting on my thinking cap and brainstorming over Skype about specific business problems and decisions. I am all about providing a superior, quality, customised solution to your unique problem.

But there is only one of me and limited hours in the day.

At B&TA we have created a very special group training course. By combining our talents and pooling our resources we are bringing our message to more people than we could ever manage on our own. The solutions are generalised but we have listened carefully to what people in similar business situations to yours suffer from most.  We have tried to offer great solutions with tons of options that you'll be able to apply yourself. 

Our first webinar will be broadcast live and then it will be sent as a replay-able, on-demand show.  We have videos, slides and worksheets for you to work through at your own pace. We've created a whole workbook! It's pretty amazing and all free. It's just a taste of what's to come but we are pretty sure you will love it.

It's so exciting! I can finally post this picture I made and let you know that you should sign up now. Click here.

Now which do you think is better? This one of ME or the one above? :)

Now which do you think is better? This one of ME or the one above? :)

Yes, I am wearing a robe and a towel on my head! But I am dressed for success mentally which you will be too if you join us at our webinar on Monday night!

I am incredibly proud of the work we have done at Build and Thrive Academy. But rest assured for those of you who prefer to work one-on-one I am here to serve you. I'm thrilled to be able to offer you choices.

See you on Monday! Jacqui