Inspiring Expats: Mon Manabu, learning everyday that beautiful art speaks for itself

I won! Pretty chuffed to win a giveaway but even better is to meet a fellow-expat artist!

I won! Pretty chuffed to win a giveaway but even better is to meet a fellow-expat artist!

Happy today to share a Mini Inspiring Expat Story: Mon Manabu emailed me a few weeks ago with the news that I had won my choice of art from her store. I'll admit that at first I couldn't recall signing up for a giveaway but was still really pleased to win. Once I got in touch with Mon I realised that the universe had brought us together for a reason. She is an expat, a mum, a crafter, an artist and a business person - all the things I love. I get butterflies in my stomach when I meet people like Mon. 

Her story is amazing: while travelling with her future husband (who is from Chile) she discovered that she was pregnant AND that she had been offered a grant to study in Australia. She now lives in Byron Shire, NSW, with her husband and little girl - making beautiful art like the pendant I won! 

After years as an Etsy seller and doing local markets she recently launched her own website. She told me that operating a business in a foreign language is hard. With social media people expect instant replies and constant communication. Mon worries her English isn't up to scratch - I disagree! I think she's doing an incredible job. It's no coincidence that



means 'learn' in English. I can imagine that these past years have been a huge learning experience for Mon with a young family, an international move and a business to run. It's nothing short of inspiring. 

I'm so pleased with my new pendant and wish Mon all the best. Thank you!!

Read this great article to learn more about Mon: 

and check out Mon Manabu online, the site is gorgeous with free shipping in Australia!

Jacqui Miyabayashi