I'm a new YouTuber

My son Tyler is completely obsessed with Minecraft and watching Minecraft mod reviews and parodies on YouTube. He's also tinkered with the idea of making his own YouTube videos. He practices with the camera on the iPod and each little video always starts with "Hello everyone, I'm a new YouTuber and I'm going to be posting videos about ..." They always end with "Please Subscribe" - very funny since he cannot say that word properly.


It's with much delight that I announce that I too am a new YouTuber. I'll be posting marketing and business tips to my newly christened channel. And I would it if you would subscribe.

Now YouTube is a complex beast these days I'm sorry to say. There are so many things you can do to customise, monetise, get fans, spread your message. I'm starting with the absolute basics and please forgive me I have just three videos (of sorts) from the past year. I will add more soon.

Heaven help me if any of you need help setting your channels up! LOL, we can figure it out together!

Very quickly this evening I made a slideshow then animated it with some free music I got from istock. It's an intro to Jacqui Miyabayashi Consulting in lieu of something featuring me and my voice. That's on my front 'home page' for the Jacqui Miyabayashi YouTube channel.

So with further ado would you care to Subscribe? I'd be so happy if you did! Thank you. 

And also it's connected to my very sad Google+ page. I have of subscribers on my personal page but none on the page for my business. If it's your thing then check me out here on Google+. The videos will post in automatically to Google+.

And lastly, what would you enjoy seeing more of? It's fun to make videos but hard to come up with topics that will be useful and interesting. Leave a comment below. Thanks tons!