The Trust Equation


We are born trusting. The hard knocks of life soon start to chip away at our trust levels but most of us work on the assumption that people are 'good'.

Can the same be said for businesses? In the olden days a business was nothing without its reputation. But now the playing field is so crowded chances are our customers have never heard of our company, our brand, our product.

You may have heard the buzzword "transparency". This concept of openness in business was invented to re-establish faith and mend trust. "We've got nothing to hide". "We're an open book". "These are our intentions". "We will admit our mistakes". "We stand by our word".

What are some concrete ways you can convey your intentions?

How can you assure your customers of your capabilities?

How easy is it for you to demonstrate the results you can get for your customers?

What policies do you have in place in case something does go wrong?