If writing about your vision is like drawing blood from a stone, try this instead.

This Mee a Bee bag was featured on  Ohdeedoh / Apartment Therapy  shortly after I launched my business. What a thrill!

This Mee a Bee bag was featured on Ohdeedoh / Apartment Therapy shortly after I launched my business. What a thrill!

I've been talking about VISION this week and the importance of having a dream for your future. Thinking about it, that is HARD. And I think it puts some people off. It's easy to get stuck trying to articulate the vague idea you have in your head. It can seem ridiculous writing down goals and plans that you've pulled out of thin air - then hoping that it will all work out. 

An easier first step

Having a vision is important but it's likely something that will evolve as you get further along the path of creating your business.

An easier first step, which I think you will find really valuable is to simply TAKE STOCK of your business / hobby-you-want-to-turn-into-a-business.

  1. Start by writing down what you do or make. 
  2. Think about why you enjoy doing it. Why you started doing it in the first place.
  3. Try to recall the first instance when you thought you might be able to sell your service or creation. (perhaps friends and family told you you could sell it or you saw something at a shop that you knew you could make better and decided to give it a go).
  4. If you have already sold some of your products make a list of those sales. Include the ones that you've given away (like after someone said I'll buy it from you and you felt bad about taking money ... ). Who and where did you sell to and for how much? Trades should be included too.
  5. Does your business already have some online or offline 'property'? Like a regular stall at a market, a website, a blog, an Instagram feed or a Facebook page? Tally up the number of 'fans' and if it's not too painstaking copy out the comments that people have left.
  6. List your accomplishments related to your products / business. Things like being featured on a blog or being invited to exhibit at a gallery or being accepted to hold a stall at a market. In the picture above, you'll see that my bag was featured on Oh Dee Doh which was a huge deal and a game-changer for my business.
  7. Anything else you can think of that describes the current state of your 'thing' - it doesn't matter how large or small and it needn't be something that proves you have a business. It could be a feeling, a philosophy, an unspoken hope.

Phew, that was a huge task!

What's next? I'll save that for the next post but it will involve reviewing your list. We'll try to extract the strengths of your idea and try to come up with possible pitfalls. Keep an eye out for the post. I'll be giving a real life example to guide and prompt you.


Final Thoughts

I DO believe in planning your vision. I've experienced 'manifesting' after writing down and visualising a future situation.

Read Denise Duffield-Thomas' book Get Rich Lucky Bitch if you want a really down to earth and frank introduction to having the future you want.

Denise talks about manifesting, overcoming money blocks and it's all based on The Law of Attraction.