I know what you're thinking: Customer Insights Part 2

Customer Journey (1).png

I know what you're thinking?!

No, not really but let me give it a stab.

Have you bought food today, checking to see what additives it has, whether it's organic? Do you know where your food was produced? Did you buy it directly from the farmer? Do you say no to plastic and take your own shopping bag?

Do you have a book on decluttering or being happy the Danish way? Do you know how to pronounce hygge?

Have you watched Frankie and Grace?

These questions may seem random but they are important, depending on what you are selling.

These are trends in action.

Trend: a commitment to eating more consciously, whether it's to be healthier or to minimise damage to the environment or to support the farmers that grow the world's produce.

Trend: conscious consumerism, minimalism, abhorrence of fast retail.

Trend: the slow life, mindfulness, the value of deep personal connections, the right to personal fulfilment and joy.

Trend: acceptance of (alternative) relationships, acknowledgement of the ageing population.

As business owners and therefore marketers it's our job to follow the trends that relate to our businesses. What is your customer thinking? What's important to her? Where are the opportunities?

Q: Take a step back from the front lines of selling your products. What are the important social issues going on in the world of your customer? Where do you go to find out this kind of stuff?